• Teppan wrapping buffalo bukkake chicken southern flavor set meal

      1080 yen
  • steak

    • Standard steak

      880 yen ~

      Simple to those who want to enjoy a steak.

    • Aged beef steak

      980 yen

      Red meat, which was aged for about two weeks in the private cellars is not only eat in the jaw can enjoy the taste with the original meat ultimate steak.Feel the taste of the more bite if chew.

    • Iron plate lemon steak

      980 yen
    • Steak shop of pork ginger

      980 yen

      The effect of precisely because shalt not shop that despise and free of ginger grilled! Please taste certainly once.

    • Mercy! Fuwa! Mate tea chicken's chicken steak

      780 yen
    • Japanese dishes grated oyster chicken steak

      880 yen
  • hamburger

    • Hand Gosnay hamburger

      780 yen ~

      Golden ratio chef arrived at the end of many years of research.Overflowing gravy is a rarity tangled as the source.Please enjoy the professional flavor that does not taste at home.

    • Hamburger Gosnay demon wholesale hand

      880 yen ~

      A gem of a woman popular No1.Topped with plenty of demon wholesale and large leaf in hamburger Gosnay and juicy with a delicious golden ratio.It served lightly with soy sauce base over scan Japanese sources.

    • Fried hamburger juicy Gosnay hand

      880 yen
    • Easy buckwheat hamburger combination

      980 yen
  • side menu

    • Lunch salad bar

      99 yen

      One Coin following set menu.Please ask at all means set.

    • Lunch de ring bar

      88 yen

      One Coin following set menu.Please ask at all means set.

  • Bowl

    • My loco moco bowl steak or hamburger

      980 yen ~
    • Iron plate steak bowl

      980 yen ~
    • Teppan discarded baked bowl

      880 yen
    • Bowl fried from Wen Yu

      880 yen
  • curry

    • Black of nostalgia Curry

      540 yen

      Simple yet profound taste of curry is also loved of all time.Taste of the chef arrived at the end of trial and error attention.

    • Hand Gosnay hamburger Curry

      980 yen

      Please imagine.Please gravy overflowing at the moment you put a knife ... Imagine, the excitement of the moment, which was placed in the mouth along with the curry. . .

    • Ebikatsu Curry

      1,090 yen

      One dish of a satisfaction that was topped with fried juicy crispy pork cutlet and fried shrimp to the chef Good curry.

  • kids menu

    • Children set

      680 yen