• steak

    • Jackie steak (fillet steak)

      Jackie steak (fillet steak)

      2580 yen -

      Very soft and fat less elegant taste features.Rare site can not take only about 3 percent in one head of cattle.Sirloin, luxury site surpass the ribulose.We offer in its own cut in pursuit of taste.If what now, during the campaign to be eaten in very profitable!

    • Aged beef steak

      Aged beef steak

      1080 yen -

      Red meat, which was aged for about two weeks in the private cellars is not only eat in the jaw can enjoy the taste with the original meat ultimate steak.Feel the taste of the more bite if chew.

    • Domestic cattle steak

      Domestic cattle steak

      1580 yen -

      Simple to those who want to enjoy a steak.

    • Barley beef rib steak

      Barley beef rib steak

      1680 yen -

      Steak soft and tasty piece of domestic cattle.

    • sirloin steak

      sirloin steak

      1390 yen -

      Popular with Japanese companies are small fleshy close texture to sirloin and brand cattle ribulose stuck to thoroughly food and breeding environment in Australia women

  • hamburger

    • Beef hamburger Gosnay on

      Beef hamburger Gosnay on

      780 yen

      Golden ratio chef arrived at the end of many years of research.Overflowing gravy is a rarity tangled as the source.Please enjoy the professional flavor that does not taste at home.

    • Fresh tomatoes and four kinds of cheese hamburger

      Fresh tomatoes and four kinds of cheese hamburger

      980 yen ~

      Topped with tomato and a special cheese hamburger Gosnay and juicy.Delicious hamburger sauce is intertwined blended with acidity and four kinds of cheese of tomato sauce.

    • Crunch demon wholesale hamburger

      Crunch demon wholesale hamburger

      880 yen ~

      Topped with plenty of demon wholesale and large leaf in hamburger Gosnay and juicy with a delicious golden ratio.It served lightly with soy sauce base over scan Japanese sources.A gem of a woman popular No1.

    • Homemade Demi Glass cheese hamburger

      Homemade Demi Glass cheese hamburger

      1080 yen -

      Full of gravy and rich demi-glace sauce, trio of soft-boiled egg is intertwined taste of ass.It is popular with children.

  • Combi (steak and hamburger)

    • Hand Gosnay hamburger and steak

      Hand Gosnay hamburger and steak

      1480 yen -

      Greedy menu Which was also to meet the voice that you want! "To eat.Please enjoy the charm of Joe to fully.

    • Domestic cattle steak and raw sausage

      Domestic cattle steak and raw sausage

      1780 yen

      The combination of homemade steak and sausage.It is popular with children.

  • Pork & Beef & Chicken

    • Whole one bird! Juicy rotisserie chicken

      Whole one bird! Juicy rotisserie chicken

      1780 yen

      Lay overnight with a seasoned with herbs and rock salt of the original blend.Carefully to grilled whole one bird at a dedicated oven.Baked golden color of the skin to crisp, moist and juicy meat, herbs scent in the back.Chicken roast of a dream that does not taste only here.

    • Motchiri my Tonteki

      Motchiri my Tonteki

      1280 yen

      Tonteki of thick slice pig has been loved since its opening.Soy sauce base of salty-sweet sauce whets the appetite fragrant.

    • Pork Ginger steak shop

      Pork Ginger steak shop

      980 yen

      The effect of precisely because shalt not shop that despise and free of ginger grilled! Please taste certainly once.

    • Mr. Butakimu

      Mr. Butakimu

      1190 yen
    • Thick slice beef tongue

      Thick slice beef tongue

      680 yen ~

      Enjoy the soft and crunchy mouthfeel of beef tongue of the slab.Also ideal beer to accompany

  • curry

    • Black of nostalgia Curry

      Black of nostalgia Curry

      530 yen

      Simple yet profound taste of curry is also loved of all time.Taste of the chef arrived at the end of trial and error attention.

    • Hamburger Curry

      Hamburger Curry

      1080 yen -

      Please imagine.Please gravy overflowing at the moment you put a knife ... Imagine, the excitement of the moment, which was placed in the mouth along with the curry. . .

    • Ebikatsu Curry

      Ebikatsu Curry

      1090 yen -

      One dish of a satisfaction that was topped with fried juicy crispy pork cutlet and fried shrimp to the chef Good curry.

    • All set Curry

      All set Curry

      3150 yen

      I feel not you think ,,, Good steak on top of the curry, fried shrimp hamburger, the pork cutlet. . .Words other than the delicious is not found.

  • Bowl & set meal

    • My loco moco (gravy sauce)

      My loco moco (gravy sauce)

      980 yen ~

      Cooked rice to aging meat and spam, bliss of taste if you eat along with the rice hot spring egg yolk topping soft-boiled entangled with meat.Homemade gravy of will to double the flavor.

    • Bowl up from the hot ball

      Bowl up from the hot ball

      880 yen

      Rice bowl of piping hot iron plate raised from the hot ball of hidden popular menu, ready to put the hot spring egg topped with fried chicken.It is a rarity entangled yolk Innovation Toro - and put a knife.

  • Sausage and lamb chops

    • Salad & side menu

      • Winter only! Cheese fondue

        Winter only! Cheese fondue

        1280 yen

        Fragrant cheese sauce that melted simmering several kinds of cheese and original blend.Enjoy the winter limited ☆ bread and vegetables, hamburger, such as the excellent compatibility! Please order come with us.

      • Crisp healthy salad (servings 2-3)

        Crisp healthy salad (servings 2-3)

        480 yen -

        Meal balance is important.Leave a salad in order to receive eat delicious meat!

      • Spilled potato

        Spilled potato

        380 yen

        Glad fries to share with everyone.Catapult will not stop the hand

      • The top takes hard Furaidoonion ring tower

        The top takes hard Furaidoonion ring tower

        380 yen

        How!? Onion ring fly to beer knob of

    • kids menu

      • Children set

        Children set

        680 yen

        Drew the favorite things that pleased the hamburger and potato children! "There is no father only luxury is ☆"

    • dessert

      • Leak leak ice prime Unlimited

        Leak leak ice prime Unlimited

        580 yen

        Where to high or be dished to a dish of about 10 cm in diameter!? Please to challenge in the family! The Serve quickly so that ice does not melt the tips!